Migration Door Will Swing Wide Open.

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Doug Martin - PA
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Martin Colony History: First pair in 2009 after 28 years of trying. 3 pairs 2010, 17 pairs 2011 and 35-45 pairs since. Many additional colonies are now springing up around mine in an area once completely void of Martins. I offer 50 compartments at my site consisting of primarily Excluder II gourds on Gemini racks. Also a wooden T-14. I utilize electric fence type predator guards on the base of the poles. Supplemental feeding is crucial in maintaining my colony. I platform feed throughout the season as needed. My site tends to be a stop over point for additional birds as they migrate further north.

The migration map is about ready to break out in a bad case of the purple chicken pox in the north and a huge wave will hit the south once again.

The stage is being set perfectly once this high pressure in the northern USA slides east tomorrow. This will open up a southerly flow that will start way down south of the Gulf and continue all the way up into Canada. This flow will persist for days!

A lot of folks will be yelling WOOOO HOOO!!!! As their first purple feathered arrivals come soaring home in this warm wet southern breeze. Temperatures will soar. So will the Purple Martins north. Storms could be a problem as well however in some areas.

Let the Martin season begin!!! Here they come!! See you later winter!!! Much later.

Supplemental feeding plays a major role in western Pennsylvania. Finally got my 1st pair in 2009 after 28 years of effort. 3 pairs in 2010. 17 pairs in 2011. 35 pairs and 150 young in 2012 & 2013. Plus a new 22 pair colony right down the road from me.
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Martin Colony History: 2016 First Yr.

Love your enthusiasm :grin: :grin: :grin:
2016 - 1st Yr. 14 Compartments 4 Active Nests 9 fledged, 2.25 Fledged per Active Nest
2017 - 2nd Yr. 36 Compartments 18 Active Nests 65 Fledged, 3.61 Fledged per Active Nest
2018 - 3rd Yr. 54 Compartments 43 Active Nests 169 Fledged, 3.93 Fledged per Active Nest
2019 - 4th Yr. 108 Compartments 67 Active Nests 209 Fledged, 3.12 Fledged per Active Nest
2020 - 5th Yr. 108 Compartments ?
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Martin Colony History: The 1972 St. Agnes flood wiped out all the Martins in my area. One day, in 1997-98, 5 or 6 Martins landed on the power wires crossing my back yard. I had no house for them. They kept coming back day after day. We got a martin house a few weeks later & they have been coming back every year since. I average 12-15 pair per year.

All ready & waiting here too.

Downside is all the days of rain on the weather report, for my area, from now to April 5th. Not good. Crickets will be flying thru the air :).

Toy in PA
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I raised my house and gourds up yesterday here in New Tripoli, PA! Had some check out my housing last year, hoping this year they stay!
Dave Reynolds
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Martin Colony History: 2018 Success at my Satellite Site “Oxbow Golf Course”.
2019 Success at my home Site "Little Hocking, Ohio".

Doug -- Your right... The Martins are heading your way on two different paths... One way is around the East side of the West Virginia mountains and into Pennsylvania... Another path is on the West side of West Virginia and following the Ohio River into Pennsylvania... I don't think the Martins cross over the mountians in West Virginia, I think they go around .. Just my opinion... Have a great day..

Home Site “Little Hocking, Ohio”
2010 / 2018 -- Lots of Visitors
2019 — 1 Pair, 5 Eggs, 5 Babies, 5 fledged. :wink:
2020 — 1 Pair, 4 Eggs, 4 Babies, 4 fledged. :wink:

Satellite Site “Oxbow Golf Course”
2018 -- 15 Pair, 58 Eggs, 38 Hatched and 36 Fledged :wink:
2019 — 26 Pair, 128 Eggs, 99 Babies and 97 Fledged. :wink:
2020 — 30 Pair, 156 Eggs, 137 Babies and 137 Fledged. :wink:

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I'm waiting for residents in my house. No lookers as yet. A neighbor down the street has 2 houses and looks like most of his have returned. I'm hopeful when the youngsters arrive i'll have some move in. My first year. Very hopeful.
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