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John Balga
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Martin Colony History: 2012-69 pairs
2015- 3 pair at new home colony
2016-6 pair at home colony-1 ASY FEMALE banded from Andy Troyer colony
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2018-38 pair at home colony
2019-47 pair at home colony


Want to thank u for yr help, now all I have to do is find out the history of Martins returning to the Peterborough Ont. area not to far from Rice lake,(if in fact they do). I have blocked off the entrances and lowered the house for the winter. My idea is to unblock the entrances and run it up the pole when the Martins return to this area, but I am not sure when this might be. Any help u could give me would be appreciated.

Thanks, Elwood Ward

(Elwood is looking for a contact in the Peterborough area to seek more information about returning martins. Any help would be appreciated.)

Morning Mr Ward,
I too am a purple martin enthusiast. I was also trying to find someone in the Rice Lake area that I could visit and see and talk about Purple Martins. I did however have a cottage on Rice Lake and I had the greatest colony of Martins. We have since moved and miss these birds arriving in the Spring. If you have connected with someone in that area I would appreciate their contact number. You have a beautiful picture of your martin house good luck this Spring.

Best Regards , Jim Pipher

Jim and Elwood can use the forum help to locate some landlords.

John Balga
Keep the martins flying in Ontario!
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