OPMA Spring Meeting 2017

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John Balga
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2017-17 pair at home colony
2018-38 pair at home colony
2019-47 pair at home colony

All are invited to attend the first meeting of the Ontario Purple Martin Association: http://ontariopurplemartins.ca which will take place on Saturday, February 25th, 9:00 a.m. at Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens (Willow Room) in Ruthven, Ontario. Coffee will be available and for those who want to order breakfast, Colasanti’s has a cafeteria that can accommodate your individual order.

A presentation of the geo-locator study over the past several years will be given by our own member Richard Carr, from Walpole Island. He began b the geo-locator project with Dr. Patrick Kramer and Dr. Bridget Stutchbury in 2014 and now continues the follow-up study with Dr. Kevin Fraser,University of Manitoba: http://www.abclab.ca/ as the study continiues. Geolocators were attached to purple martins to determine their migration route and possible roost locations. The data that has been collected has already revealed invaluable information about their travels.
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Not sure i can make it to Canada but would love to be there. Has the possibility of streaming this meeting here on the forum popped up in conversation during the planning phase?

Insectivore Villa
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1100 miles or so, you should be able to make it here in about 18 hours, 19 with the border crossing. Your American dollar goes almost 40% farther when you get here too, so maybe the trip will be worth it. And we are just a bunch of friendly Canadians that don't talk out of turn and say "sorry" a lot, so it really is a peaceful gathering with good strong coffee and doughnuts for all. :lol: :lol:

Six or seven weeks until our first birds show up....
Henry W.
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