Adding tunnels to super gourd question

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So I am adding the troyer tunnels to my super gourds and one of the steps is to increase the size of the hole in the super gourd. My question is does anyone know why this would be necessary?
It seems to me that if the martins can get into the super gourd hole without the tunnel added then they can get into the gourd with hole the same size Any thoughts on this?
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I think its usually not done because its too difficult for the martins to enter (squeezing thru two entrances), so they will usually choose another gourd first. Then also at feeding time for the babies there may be problems with some babies being in the gourd, some in the tunnel, and some on the porch. I would not do that personally, but I never have tried it.
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I took a Saber saw and cut the holes to around 3" and installed the tunnels on my gourds and it worked great, did not want martins to have to get nesting material through 2 different holes.
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