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After a long period of inactivity I am finally posting my latest version of the Purple Martin Prognosticator that accommodates data up until 2020. The spreadsheet is freely avaialble and can be downloaded from the following link: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AjAj8HbqHkUPjuk7J2gGEpt_UrtOOQ . You will need a Microsoft account to use the free version of Excel this spreadsheet works with. Or, if you would like me to email you a copy of the free version or the version which works with the paid version of Excel contact me at lee.roger.d@gmail.com.

The prognosticator tracks by year the number of pairs, eggs, number hatched, and number fledged and presents the data in both table and graphical format. It's a free and easy way to monitor your colony each year and track how it is doing. If you are using a previous version you will have to copy and paste the previous data into the new spreadsheet as I have not figured out a way of doing this automatically.

Enjoy and let me know of any bugs or improvements that can be made or if you have any questions on it's use. Be sure to read the 'Instructions' worksheet before use.
Roger Lee
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Sweet... I will give this a shot with this years data and next year too. Many thanks.
Henry W.
2015, 28 pair, 102 fledged
2016, 39 pair, 154 fledged
2017, 44 pair, 164 fledged
2018, 68 pair, 218 fledged
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Thanks for this!
Very cool handy tool. It looks like it took quite a bit of time and thought to put together. Thanks for sharing!
Rick B
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Thanks ! I added to my One Drive, now I can open it on my phone and enter the data . This will work great
when doing nest checks at other sites. Love how it gives you the projected hatch date and fledge date by just
entering in when the eggs were laid :grin:

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