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When will the martins congregate on 59 and Airport in Houston?
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If it's soon, tell 'em to wait up….of the 35 eggs we have out back, 32 have just hatched. It'll be the 10th - 15th of July before our's fledge….then they have to fly 800 miles.

Makes me tired just thinking about it.
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Martin Colony History: I only have one 16 compartment house. I only have a small backyard so I have to be happy with what I got.
No problems having several pairs for the past 5 years. Never quite have a full house.

I have several young ones that are not ready to go, although I did have some young ones that have started flying.
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It should be building now, several of the nests are gone already from our site.
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Is there a specific place/parking lot where they congregate? This is my first summer with purple martins and I'd love to see that. I was considering going to Austin to get a glimpse of it.

I had a pair of SYs with one nest of three babies that just fledged two days ago. Starting three weeks previous I had been getting more and more martins visiting every day. Usually about 10-12 and then about twenty the day before fledging. I was enjoying all the activity and noise.
The morning after fledging only five and they didn't stay long. Today I saw one flying high overhead.

Were they congregating here until the babies fledged and then left for a bigger congregation?

I miss them being around. But now I can actually get more work done around here ;)
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SouthernYankee, there are two large roosts in the Houston area. One is on the NW side in the Willowbrook Mall area. This one has moved several times in the past few years & I have not yet heard a report of the exact location this season. The other one is on the SW side at the Fountains shopping center in Stafford. (Edit: Visited Fountains roost site on the evening of 6/25/16 and there were no Martins there.)

Regarding the Austin roost, there's a note on the Travis Audubon FB page indicating that the roost has relocated again this year. Maybe forum members from the Austin area can chime in with the details... dt
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Thank you for that info! I'll keep an eye out on this thread and check online.
That's something I would love to see.
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