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Hi guys. Here north central Maryland the influx of SY Martins has been almost none
existent. Just a few here and there. I have had a fairly large colony over the
past 40 years (25-50 Pairs) and each spring there have been large influxes of SY
birds thru the month June. Most of these very late arrivals do not nest but they
are here. This year the ASY arrivals was great. Last year most of the babies could
not fly well and I found many on the ground unable to get airborne probably
caused by the cold wet spring and lack of flying insects during a crucial time of
their development. At present I have 30 ASY pairs and not a single SY pair. I have
not had a second year visitor in weeks. I was just wondering if anyone else
has had a similar experience especially on the northeast and mid Atlantic states.
Martin man RI
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large numbers in RI,MA and many new sites started. One site alone I have 15 pair of SY! We had a great season in 2015.
Just got two hen SY in the last few days. Good luck Ray
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Martin Colony History: 2016 First Yr.

We too started a new Colony in Ohio....5 pair second yr. young with a total of 10-15 around all the time
2016 - 1st Yr. 14 Compartments 4 Active Nests 9 fledged, 2.25 Fledged per Active Nest
2017 - 2nd Yr. 36 Compartments 18 Active Nests 65 Fledged, 3.61 Fledged per Active Nest
2018 - 3rd Yr. 54 Compartments 43 Active Nests 169 Fledged, 3.93 Fledged per Active Nest
2019 - 4th Yr. 108 Compartments 67 Active Nests 209 Fledged, 3.12 Fledged per Active Nest
2020 - 5th Yr. 108 Compartments ?
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Martin Colony History: Colony established May 20, 2017 after three unsuccessful years. Persistent and aggressive Tree Swallows plagued the site, but beyond learning - and practicing - to control them, was the return in 2017 of a 2016-SY-M previously unable to find a mate. As a handsome ASY-M, he brought along two females and a swagger that soon put the Tree Swallow issue to rest. As the anchor pair, he and his mate hatched all six of their eggs into fat and healthy babies into what settled in to be a three-pair, flourishing new colony with up to 11 birds total, including 3 SY-M trouble makers.

Third year of trying unsuccessfully to start a new colony in SW Ohio (north of Lebanon), and despite the disappointment and trying to be objective, there seems to be less PMs at my site than the previous two seasons, and that includes SY and ASY. But for a lone SY, who is clearly living at my site but unable to find a mate, visits of SYs have been late, rare, and very brief, often never landing.
2019- 19 Nesting Pair Fledged 84 babies. The Pattern is Full.
2018-ASY-M Arrived April 6, Despite Snow & Cold, Joined Soon by Mate & Two Adult Pairs, Season of 11 Nests W/48 Babies
2017-FIRST-YEAR LANDLORD! :grin: Resident SY-M from 2016 Returned (as ASY-M) on May 20. At Least 11 Resident PMs, with 13 Fledged from Three Nests and Operated a Daily Flying Circus :grin:
2016-Late-Arriving SYs, Resident Lone SY-M, Unable to Find Mate
2015 & 2014-Many Visits
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