Got eggs!!!

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Martin Colony History: 2014 1 pair 3 hatched 3 fledged
2015 1 pair 5 hatched 5 fledged
2016 1 pair 5 hatched 4 fledged
2017 2 pair 8 hatched 8 fledged
2018 4 pair 15 hatched

I do a nest check every week today when I checked I had 2 eggs :grin: Made my day. Had 2 pair going to a new house I put up this year along with all my others, but one pair left after a sparrow gave them trouble. Got rid of the sparrow but it was to late to keep the pair. :cry: Still have the other pair and now the eggs. Have not seen very many Martins around here this year, very disapointing. Hope everyone has a great Martin year. Mary
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Martin Colony History: I started trying to attract Purple Martins in 2011. I got my first breeding pair in 2013.

2013-1 pair, 2014-4 pair, 2015-8 pair, 2016-12 pair 60 babies :-).

That's great about the eggs! I also did a check yesterday, and one of my gourds had 4 eggs already!!! I was completely surprised by that finding. It is the earliest I have ever had eggs. I have had to be active with controlling HOSP this year. Fortunately, I have been winning the battle. :grin:
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Wonderful to hear about eggs, we have only seen one male scout so far in Ontario.
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