Mites on my Martin House

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I did a next check today and noticed small black bugs on the house. I used a paper towel to rub them off. I was told they are mites. Has anyone run into this :?: What do I need to do to get rid of the mites :?: Will the mites harm the babies :?: Are the mites transfered to human :?:

Mites may lead to early fledging and are making your Martins uncomfortable. Although somewhat contoversal, I recommend a dose of Sevin. You can buy it at the local garden shop for a couple of bucks. It is commonly used to control garden insects and will eliminate mites in about 12 hours. Sprinkle a half teaspoon on the edge of the nest and it's over for the year.

I generally treat my nest at the egg laying stage and the one dose keeps them mite free for the entire season.

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yes I have some experiences witn mites,.In fact mites are those little black specks that crawl all over in the nests and over the martin house. they suck blood and kill baby martins.. or jump from there nests,.,.even the parents may leave.eggs or babies in and effort to save their lives,.,

YOU MUST TAKE ACTION NOW.. Buy a an incectiside SEVIN at your local feed store or at a garden center.. Use as is on label or I use 21 percent licquid Sevin at the rate of 3 tablespoons per gallon of water.. You can spray the nests good.. In 24 hours mites are all gone It is very safe...A poll taken recently found that 8 of 10 martin Landlords are using Sevin in their nests You will be delighted.. I have been using Sevin for 30 years... Treat ounce a year. God bless you. Victor Stoll.

I fogot to tell you that mites will do no harm to humans....But who wants mites crawling all over you ??? Victor

The seven dust thats stated above. I believe 5% is what you want, if in the powder form. I only put 1/4 tsp around edge of nest and tapped in with a spoon. I believe you can use a 1/2 tsp too. I haven't seen any mites. It might depend on how bad they are?

This is my 6th year. 1st year to have babies (30 Total). I have never tried the liquid.

Good luck
CUL Lou~Mich

Most folks recommend the 5% powder. Most say the less used, the better. Most recommend 1/4 teaspoon sprinkled around the edge of the nest, then the gourd tapped a couple times to settle it down. CUL Lou

Brendak The 5 percent Sevin or 21percent licquid Sevin 3 tablespoons per gallon.can be sprayed in the nests with babies left in the nest. I have sprayed it on baby pigeons one day old many times with no harm.. We used it on baby martins some years ago with excellant results. I have never of Sevin harming birds period..,.victor :)
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I hope this post doesn't end up on here twice - somewhere I messed up! Anyway - last year we had a horrendous experience with mites. We had to change the nesting material in all of the houses and replace them with shavings and used Sevin dust. Unfortunately we found them too late and lost babies. The mites were too much for them, they really did attack the birds big time. It took us all day to change the nesting material, and what a job it was. This year we learned our lesson. After studying lots of literature and reading other landlord's suggestions, we put cedar shavings in each Martin hole with Sevin dust sprinkled on top, then added a layer of pine needles. I'm glad to say we have not seen but one mite this year and we added a little Sevin to the edges of that nest, now we seem to be mite-free. We have 85 babies, some have fledged, some still have about 3 weeks to go. We have had an established colony for 14 years and this is the second time we've had mites. The first time there were very few and didn't cause any problems, but I hope no one has to experience what we went through last year. This year our big fight has been hawks - never seen so many before! Good luck to you and please use the Sevin - it doesn't hurt the birds.

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