Probably 200,000 Martins at Tulsa Roost

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Dick Sherry
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The first Roost Watch event was Saturday evening and there were a whole lot of martins and about fifty people who came out to see it. Several came from Oklahoma City and said it was well worth the trip to see so many martins in one place.

The next one will be on Saturday, Aug. 8th. At that point the birds will probably be dropping into the trees a little after 8:30 PM, and it will continue for about 30 minutes. Their numbers overhead will grow from a handful a little after 8 PM to the thousands in all directions by 8:30. If you are anywhere near Tulsa, come see them. The roost is between 9th & 10th Streets and Cinn. and Detroit on the south side of downtown.
birdy girl
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Wow! That is a LOT!! Wish I lived close. Would definitely come see this big roost.
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Thanks for the update Dick!
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I may have to plan to come down soon.. hard to believe it gets much bigger than 200k.
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