Purple Martins still in the area

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I cleaned out my gourds today and heard that familiar sound with three martins flying over. I have been checking the Tronox plant and have not seen the roost yet. In fact I thought the birds had already headed back to the Amazon.
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Glad to see your post. I have been wondering if the martins will form a roost at the Tronox plant in Hamilton this year since they put up those things (balloons) on top of plant to scare the martins away last year. Was hoping to come see a martin roost this year in Hamilton MS.

Most of our martins are gone. We still have one nest with 3 babies and 2 parents. They will probably fledge in couple weeks. We have maybe 15 martins coming back at this time. It is so hot I am just praying these last 2 babies make it and both parents keep feeding the babies until they fledge.
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Michelle and I sat out a few moments ago around the fire-pit, and were treated to 10-12 martins flying around, making all kinds of glorious racket, and finally settling-in to the gourds on the Gemini rack.

Finally had a couple of pair of nesting martings, each hatched/fledged 6. For a few glorious days we had 16+ martins flying all over the place.

We assume the ones coming back in tonight would be some of those birds. Regardless of where they came from, it was a real treat.

Will miss the PM's, shortly.
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Martin Colony History: I started trying to attract Purple Martins in 2011. I got my first breeding pair in 2013.

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Yeah, I'm still seeing a few visitors too. They have been stopping by every morning and perching on the top perch. Then they'll fly off for a bit and come back, and then they leave. Mostly SY birds.

I guess I'll leave my rack up through August, and then I'll take it down and clean everything, and start prepping for next season. Last year I had a pair that didn't leave until the first week of August.
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