Fledglings leaving the nest too early.....

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I have had several fledglings (apx 3 weeks old) that have jumped out of their super gourd/Troyer gourds. Why do they do this? Because of the heat? It has been in the low to mid 90's most of the week....
birdy girl
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Young martins can jump for any of the following reasons:

1. Mites - if you see mites crawling on gourds/housing or the babies- treat to get rid of them. I use 5% seven dust, 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon per cavity under nest material and around edges of nest material.

2. Heat - we vent our gourds with pvc elbows- 2 per gourd.

3. They are hungry - reason could be lack of food provided to them by parents either from lack of insects due to heat and drought or only one parent to feed.

I suppose possible that a SY or recent fledgling (from another nest)could enter a cavity and cause a young Martin to get pushed out or harassed from gourd while parents not at nest.

Hope this helps.
Chris B
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I had that trouble about 2 weeks ago. It may have been from a single gourd but I don't know. They certainly weren't ready to fly. Two I found dead under the gourd rack, but the others I put back in random gourds that had other birds in them. It stopped when the weather cooled down but that may have also been due to the other gourds being serviced by adults. Maybe the parents were killed somehow and they got hungry.

This is why I think it is important to keep the grass cut low and check the yard. I found the dead ones in the taller grass around the rack pole, and a live one. Others were in various places in my yard including up on my front porch.

Sure glad that stuff has ended, for now.
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