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Mary Wilson-SW Ont
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We have a martin with young in a supergourd hanging on a shepherds hook. These martins are so easy to peek in on that I do it several times every day. They looked healthy, but there are six of them, and these parents have not been observed going to the feeder tray at all. So I thought how do I give them crickets in an unporched gourd - if I put them inside, they'll just disappear among the nesting material. So I took one of those thin paper muffin cups, trimmed it down to about 3/4" high, and put a bunch of thawed crickets in it. I put it carefully just inside the entrance hole. When momma came, I couldn't see what she was doing, but the next time I looked, there were less crickets in it. And the next time after that, even less. And then, the paper piece was on the ground ! I looked inside the gourd and didn't see any crickets in the nest, so I think she must have given them to her babies, and then did her housecleaning.
Matt F.
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Great report Mary!

Sounds like the cup on the ground is the sign for the waiter or waitress to bring more crickets! Image

a great idea....I am trying to offer frozen crickets on a 4 foot platform. the one pair of martins I have aren't going for it. the bluebirds eat them only as a last resport. maybe a paper muffin cup glued to the porch would be a good idea. I was trying to figure out how I could put crickets on the porch without them landing on my head as I raised the house. Your little muffin tray sounds like the perfect idea.
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