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Martin Colony History: Had a colony many years ago which dwindled over a couple of years and then did not return. Kept trying each year for almost 20 years and finally had a small success in 2011 with two pairs nesting. Colony has grown slowly each year with 22 pairs in 2015. In 2016 my gourd rack of 18 gourds filled up so I added 4 more gourds and then put up a small rack of 6 gourds. All of those were claimed within a few days so I believe I have at least 25 pairs this year.

My first Purple Martin of the 2015 season returned this morning in east central VA! Around 9am we had a severe thunder storm with heavy rain and wind at least 60mph. I was really worried it would take my Trio Grandpa down. The worst of the storm lasted about 10 minutes and thankfully the Trio survived. About 1 hour later I looked out to see the first PM visitor perched on our gourd rack. It was still raining and foggy so even with binoc's I was unable to be sure it was an ASY male. It could have been a very wet ASY female so I will wait a little bit to post a scout report. Hoping he/she comes back today so my season can begin. :)
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