Arrival of Martins around Kinston NC

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Has anyone in or around the Kinston NC area seen any signs of Martins yet. Don't know if it is because of the weather or not but last year at this time we did have Martins. I mark the calendar every year when they start returning.
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Hi Susan,
We are located in Clayton, Archer Lodge, NC area. Our first bird returned March 5th this year. We have two pair and a few other visitors daily.
Hope they return soon for you! Good luck this year!
Debbie Johnson
Clayton/NC (Archer Lodge)
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Thanks Debbie, I hope they return soon. I really enjoy them
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Hi Susan,

You can check the scout report page to see where the closest reported arrivals are to you. Conversely, you can report your arrivals there as well, if you do not already: ... =2015&S=NC

You can check several years' worth of scout report data by going to the bottom of the pages and clicking the link on the bottom of the page for the particular year in which you are interested. It will help you get an idea of the average arrival date for your area.

One of the public colonies I manage in Raleigh still does not have any arrivals, and they are usually there by March 12th, but again, that's an average date.

Good luck this year!
NC Purple Martin Society (PMCA affiliate)
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I have not put up gourds yet in Kinston. Thought you might like to know we set up 8 gourds last year in the Kinston Community Garden. We had one nesting pair. We are looking forward to growth there.
I had martins for forty years in the Northwest Kinston area. Two years ago hawks devastated my colony. The city is now a hawk sanctuary. I am trying again this year with safer gourds.
I was impressed with the intelligence of the martins, as shown under stress. The colony went from noisy to so quiet I could hardly tell if they were still around. They communicated to the young to stay way back in the gourd and stay quite. The adults would sneak in and feed and quickly slip away. A few of the young survived and the parents did not bring them back to roost. None of them returned the next year.
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