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Hi everyone,

You guys are so knowledgeable. I know there are different opinions but after doing some reading and rereading I am thinking the Excluder II gourds are going to work best for my area compared to the Troyer Conley II gourds. I live in south central Texas just southeast of Austin. Let me know if I am heading in the wrong direction with the choice of gourds.

I am wanting to purchase the starter kit which comes with everything I need to get started but doesn't look like the Excluder II gourds come with the porches so I would need to purchase them separately I think. I have read that the porches as long as they are flush with the entrance help the martins enter but help keep the starlings out. Is there one porch that works better than the others?

We have owls, hawks and crows so I will be purchasing the owl guards as well. Anything I am forgetting?

Thanks so much for being available with y'all's experiences and expertise. I appreciate it.

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Hi Elizabeth and welcome to the Forum.

Both the Excluder gourd and the Troyer gourd should come with porches.

Excluder II entrances are one of the most restrictive, but in most situations, the Conley II entrances will also keep out most starlings, unless you get a smaller starling. Most Starling Resistant Entrance Holes are located close to the porch, to exclude the longer legged starling.

One thing, when you order through the PMCA, it helps martin research and all other benefits as in the Forum, educational pamphlets and geo-locator and now GPS tracking devices.

Good luck with starting a Purple Martin colony! Hope this helps.

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Hi Elizabeth ,welcome to the forum I hope you're including tunnels with your porches they are a big help in keeping predators away and the Martin's like them.
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Hi Elizabeth and welcome to the Forum.
Please don't forget Predator Guards, if you need any help or advise I will be glad to help you, I have mentored Many Martin Land Lords , my email address is at the bottom of this message.
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Wishing everyone a Great Martin Year
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