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birdy girl
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taxidermy lady
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Martin Colony History: Started trying to attract purple martins in 2012! It's finally happened in 2017! 5 years!!! ASY male and SY female came May 1st, fledged 5 babies!

Wow Birdygirl how cool is that! 8) It looks like a golf course.
Sharon from southern Illinois
birdy girl
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Joined: Wed Apr 19, 2006 9:09 am
Location: Mississippi/Dumas

We try to keep it mowed to maybe keep away snakes. If any babies in lawn I can see them better.
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Martin Colony History: 2011 Home site--1 SY pair--2 fledged
2016 Satellite Site---4 pair--19 eggs laid--17 hatched--16 fledged
2017 Satellite Site--8 pair--37 eggs laid--34 hatched--34 fledged
2018 11 pair--fledged 60
2019 20 pair-fledged 94
2020 23pair-fledged 108

WOW!!! It's a huge site---and so well kept. Congratulations! Love to see more pics in 2015 too.
birdy girl
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Thank you! Will post new ones in 2015 since I have learned how to post pics easier thanks to klcretired here on forum. Unfortunately I do have a long pine tree line on one side of colony but very good distance from colony. Will be glad when more pines are cut down in about 4 more years.
Steve Kroenke
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Hey Birdy Girl,

Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos of your beautiful purple martin colony! I always knew you had an outstanding martin colony and these photos validate that! You use good quality systems and your site is open.

I notice you keep systems lowered a few feet and I do the same thing. Ever since that violent storm hit our colonies back in April 2011 I now lower my housing systems several feet when bad weather is approaching. Finally this year I just left the systems down and the martins didn't "miss a wing beat" coming back to their nests. Our sites are open and height of the gourd racks/houses is really not that important. But lowering the systems just a few feet can make a HUGE difference relative the minimizing possible wind damage to the pole.

Again, thanks for sharing those photos and taking care of all those martins. I know you raise many babies each season and these seed new colonies and increase the size of existing ones.

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Great Job Birdy Girl,
Thanks for those great pictures, once you post a few times you will be an Old Pro at it,lol,lol,lol.
If you need anything please call upon me , It is My Pleasure to help you and anyone that needs it
Pictures Taken with Canon Rebel XT Digital using a Sigma 50-500 Long Lens.

Wishing everyone a Great Martin Year
Happy Martining for 2020 to everyone,

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