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Now that almost all my Martins have left, those d*** sparrows are moving in. Living in open farm land, I can never be sparrow free. So what do the landlords with all their gourds/houses do to prevent invasions? I am going to take mine down for the winter hoping the sparrows will go far, far away. I have tried blocking entrances with pipe insulation, which sparrows tear apart. But if I couldn't take them down, how do the large colonies handle this? Thanks in advance!
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Suem.. I am also in the country so I set a few sparrow traps and shoot them. I use the swimming pool noodles to plug most of the holes and then put traps in the rest. The pmca has a great selection of traps you could use. I trapped only 4 sparrows this year but shot 34 starlings in the early spring. I use a 17 hmr rifle. Getting rid of them now will help keep numbers down in the spring. Good luck! Annie
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