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Location: Maurice River, Southern NJ
Martin Colony History: Well established 90 cavity colony. Mostly plastic gourds with some custom cedar houses atop pilings out over the river. We live stream the activity on our website

We are on the Maurice River. The Maurice is brackish and tidal. It meets the Delaware bay about three miles down at East Point, NJ. The area is remote and consists of dense marshland and swamp. Dragonflies abound.

Swallows arrive in mid August and finish nesting mid July. There is a large annual roost in mid August upriver a few miles at Mauricetown.

Good luck Purple Martin Landlords.

Terrapin Cove

Always Live
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That was cool

Really enjoy your videos, thanks for posting them!
2013, back in the game with a pair at my satelite colony that has eggs due to hatch around July 7th
taxidermy lady
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Martin Colony History: Started trying to attract purple martins in 2012! It's finally happened in 2017! 5 years!!! ASY male and SY female came May 1st, fledged 5 babies!

Wow those babies must have one huge esophagus!!!!!! :shock:
Sharon from southern Illinois
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Martin Colony History: Had my site up to 22 gourds of which most (+/-3) stayed occupied.
Downsized to 17 gourds due to back surgeries. Had 14 families in 2017 but did not do nest checks due to health. Feeling better in 2018 and hoping for a good year.

That as one huge mosquito hawk!! The big ones must fly higher because the only time I see them that big is under the nest when they drop them. The ones I see flying eye level or so in my yard are much smaller!
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