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RC Moser
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Joined: Fri Nov 14, 2003 3:25 am

Well, got offer on my house! And guess what? THEY INSISTED that the MARTIN HOUSING STAYS!. WOW BIG load of my mine. Not that I would be able to remove the housing anyway before they all fledged. Hopefully they will listen to some pointer (if They need them) to keep the colony going for years to come. I just redone my T-16 so it should be good for at least 10 years with minimum upkeep. 8)
John Miller
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Great and encouraging news.

I don't recall your plans but I hope you stay involved in purple martins in some way.

John Miller
Matt F.
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That is great news R.C.!
Like John mentioned, sure hope you're able to stay involved with Purple Martins.
Sure hope you're doing well.
Sam Harris
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Congrats on selling your house. I really appreciate all the advice you gave me on starting my colony. This year was a pretty good year. I still use the Stealth entrance holes on all my houses. I hope to try to put them on my gourds for next season. I am glad the new owners want to keep the martins around. Maybe they will keep the chimney swifts too.
Choctaw, OK

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Good luck RC with your future endeavors! Hopefully they will include being a Martin landlord else where..
22 year landlord..9 Rack Systems for 2018 and my home built T-8 for a total of 166 cavities..160 pair in 2018 ..SUPER COLONY!!! Love You Bev... Fan of those St. Louis Cardinals!!!!!
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