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Sue P
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I was horrified this morning to find a female martin on the ground near our deck, being beaten up by other martins. I went out immediately and she couldn't fly --- only a few inches off of the ground, and she was easy to catch. I brought her into the house, wrapped her lightly in a dry wash cloth and put her in a very small box. I couldn't tell where the injury was, so called a bird rehabber immediately. He wanted me to bring her to their clinic, which I did. He kept her today, x-rayed her for broken bones and gave her fluids and some sort of steroid. By late this afternoon she was ready to come home, so I released her. She flew very well, but i couldn't tell where she was going, so I am not sure which martin i am looking at now.

The rehabber thought she could have hit a window, and that is certainly possible. What shocked me was the reaction of all of the other birds in the colony. They were really vicious. She lost feathers, and her wing was bloody. I am so glad I was able to get her right away, and get her to some help. The rehabber thought she was nesting, and it wouldn't surprise me because I counted 85 eggs today in 20 occupied nests. I just hope she finds her nest and her eggs didn't get too cold today, if she is setting. Time will tell, I guess.

Sue P
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You did the right thing by acting so fast, glad the bird is fine.

She might not be one of yours, could be a new arrival or from another colony.
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Anthony Neira
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Way to go Sue! Sounds like she beat the odds. Your " wings "sure help save her's! Hope you treated yourself to something special. ( mine would be pecan pie ) cheers to you!
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Good work on saving that bird, and congratulations on growing your colony so quickly over the last couple of years.

Birds must be rebounding in WV as well as in PA.

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Good work on acting so quickly to get her help. That has to make you really feel good that you caught up with her before she was injured to badly. Nice job!

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Sue P
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Thank you all so much for your comments and kind thoughts. There are no dead birds under my martin housing today, so I will assume that "little girl martin" is alright.

I was interested in the rehabber's comment that he hadn't had a martin come into their clinic before --- they are very unusual in this part of the US. But now he knows they do exist here!

Sue P
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