Need for owl guards?

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Laura Dore
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Are owl guards still needed with extended compartments on a Trio house?
Emil Pampell-Tx
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Maybe the owls can still grab a martin when they are looking into the housing. If I had your setup, I would enclose that Trio in a wire cage, using 2in x 4in wire. That will clear all doubts if you have a lot of owls.
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they say owls can rip the front doors right off of a house. gourds they shake them and spook them out. that is why I caged mine. that way they can not look inside to spook them and they can not touch it to shake them or rip anything off. I would like to think owls have easier pray to catch. but then I think they have all night and if bored and in a mood for a game why not a little bit more of a challenge for a meal? so the owls scare me and I caged it. been happy since. except nest checks are harder.
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Hi Laura , Yes an owl will pull open and rip off doors on Trio houses with extended compartments I know first hand . Best of luck on what ever you decide !
April McClelland

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