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Chris Brown
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Who comes back first martins or treeswallows? I see central alberta filling up with martins but have not seen any treeswallows in the north yet.
Hanover Bill
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Hi Chris;

In my area of Western Pa. the Tree Swallows always make an appearance shortly before the Martins. It's always good new when we see that first Tree Swallow, because we know the Martins are not far behind.

That being said, it could be something controlled by Mother Nature and geography, what is the norm in one geographical area may not be the norm in another.

It will be interesting to see responses from others in your geographical area to see if they experience the same order as you do.

Hanover Bill.
2009 & 10 - 0
2011 & 12 - Visitors
2013 - 2 pr. fledged 9
2014 - 3 pr. fledged 13
2015 - 7 pr. fledged 27
2016 - 15 pr. fledged 72
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I live in NE Kansas and have had martins and TRES at this site for the last 8 years. The TRES have beat the martins back here every year by a week or two, but NOT this year, three martins beat the first TRES that I saw by 2 or 3 days. My martin count is up to around 30 to 35 now and their are probably 10 to 15 TRES looking at my nest boxes. I saw a scissor-tailed flycatcher this week, but no king birds or orioles yet. I don't know why the TRES were late this year, if it was due to weather you would have thought it would have affected the martins too. Good luck and have a nice day!! Jim
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Usually in my area the tree swallows are back first, but last year and this year the martins beat them.
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All of my years my tree swallows have come back first. This year it was neck and neck. The martins where back first. I was surprised.
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I saw the TRES so far every year 2-3 weeks before the Martins....right now I am doing the "deny TRES access to PM housing" dance.

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