Where do they go to find food?

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I live around the coast of Southern Delaware. The weather is cold and the PM's go for feeding else where. Where do they go? How far do they fly daily for a feeding location? I am just curious and thought perhaps someone might know. :?:
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Another hobby of mine is birding.. meaning going out and looking a birds.. On cold spring mornings you are almost guaranteed to find swallows of all types feeding near or over large water bodies. The water is warmer than the air and insects will still be active there to some degree. Now I don't see a ton of martins over these areas, but there are some present. Just one thought.
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I live on a very large pond. Our swallows are no where in sight now. I often see swallows feeding over the water, but the PMs seem to go elsewhere.
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I've been wondering too how far away from the colony they travel in one direction to feed or visit other sites. I'm wondering about this because I have colonies within 6 miles of me and trying to get a nesting pair.
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As you know yesterday was cold and windy, in the afternoon many of my martins were out feeding in a farmers old corn field, flying very low over a wet area. This went on for over an hour.
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My martins feed about 300' above their house but this is south Texas with Martin food everywhere.

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