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In another thread some of us KS landlords were talking about how overall numbers of martins seem down a bit from this time last year. I was wondering if anyone else has this impression right now.
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I think cold weather in Texas has slowed the migration.

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The first real wave of subbies just started hitting my CenTex colony this week.
I've had single subbies come in and stir it up for a day or so but it's been madness out there the last 3 days.
Fights to the ground, and groups of Martins hanging off another Martin hanging off the porch of a gourd - they sometimes look more like bats than Margins!

My numbers are up quite a bit this year so far.
I had 22 pair last year and have 35+ pair in residence when I watched them come in late yesterday.
I am well on my way to filling up all 40 gourds this season.
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