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Peggy Riley
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I was looking at the new animated scout map and I noticed no birds above the Great Lakes. Why would they not go there? Just wondering!
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Most of the area north of the great lakes is boreal forest. ... orest.html

lots of songbirds but not many martins. you will get some in the cottage areas but that's about it.
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Peggy Riley
Posts: 885
Joined: Tue Nov 11, 2003 1:21 pm
Location: TX/Tolar

Thank you, I had no idea! Makes a lot of sense. You can tell I don't get out of Texas very often!
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Hi Peggy. Thanks for your interest in northern Martins. I'd like to add that the martins only arrive at the Great Lakes in April. I'm located about 1 hour north of Lake Erie and scouts usually arrive in mid April. Normal high for this time of year is around 50F so the bugs are just starting. In fact, the snow only melted away this week. Sadly, martins have suffered major declines in population just north of their current extent. My understanding is that this remains a mystery.
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