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I was cutting trees down at my new remote location, getting it ready.. After 5 hours of cutting, I decided to call it quits for the day. I happen to have my Morning Dawn Song CD in my car, so I plugged it in, cranked the volume, it played maybe 5 minutes..... While I was loading my saw, gas and gloves in my trunk, I happen to look up, couldn't believe my eyes. Had to rub them a few times from saw dust and sweat, but after finally getting my sight back, above my car circling about 100 feet up were 3 adult male martins... Where's your house Bill, not up yet, will be today or tomorrow though........
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Martin Colony History: I have been exposed to purple martin sounds in utero when my mother went out to get my father away from his martin colony.
I played around the martin colony every summer and watched as my father maintained his colony. In the late 50's until the 70's he did not notice European Starlings in south Texas.
When old enough, I helped maintain his colony. My primary task was eliminating English House Sparrows with a 1956 Benjamin 317 .177 air rifle.
When I settled into my own home, I started my first colony with an original Trio Castle and Trio Grandpa. When I moved again, I did not put up any martin houses. Frustration with European Starlings in the Southeast US was overwhelming.
Found PMCA Forum and learned about modern enlarged compartments and SREHs.
Inherited my father's last martin house, a Trio Grandma, modified it to modern specifications and have had good results since then.

That shows how curious the martins are to the Dawn Song chatter.
I assume that your remote new location has a martin house up.
Or were you just trying out the Dawn Song chatter to see if it will draw martins?
If house or gourd rack or both, what kind?
Firm believer in HOSP/EUST Control, Enlarged Compartments, SREHs, Pole Predator Guards, Owl/Hawk Guards, Mite/Parasite Control, Housing Insulation, and Vents for Compartment Cooling.
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What part of MI are you in?
Good luck with your new location.
2013, back in the game with a pair at my satelite colony that has eggs due to hatch around July 7th
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