Any west coast studies?

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Population? Increasing or decreasing?
Matt F.
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Great topic Mike!
Here is a great organization's website, devoted to conserving the western subspecies:
We frequently have posts here from some western Martin "stars", like Stan Kostka, Dan Airola, and Ken Buker.

The northwestern Martins (Arboricola subspecies), has received some great, and well needed attention (from private orgs, state and province DNRs, and the USFWS/Environment Canada), in reference to the massive drop in their numbers over the years.
One major reason for that decline (not surprisingly) has been due to starling competition.
That said, I'm convinced that even though the USFWS, and eastern U.S. state DNRs do not report massive drops in the eastern Martins, it only makes sense that there has been - possibly proportionately as much as the northwestern Martins, and for some of the same reasons (starling competition, decreases in available nest sites, etc.)
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