Texas Great Roadrunner

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I know this is all about Purple Martins but I just had to share this beautiful bird. It is a Texas Great Roadrunner. It has nested close by and It comes over to dirt bath in my yard all the time. The pictures are on my Facebook site, "Central texas Purple Martin Landlords" The color in the eye area is his skin color not feather.


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I like Roadrunners also. I think the juveniles are so funny with the white fuzzy hairdo. I see them occasionally on my way home from work in my area.
Matt F.
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Great photos Chris!
They look almost prehistoric!
JL Murray

Outstanding photos...meep meep :lol:
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Road Runners are definitely on of my favorite birds. At the first place I was staying at near Bastrop, I was seeing then 2 or 3 times per week. I haven"t seen one at my new Bastrop place yet. It seems that development can some times drive them away. With grater human activity comes an increase in raccoons and domestic cats. These seem to push the Road Runners out (Just my anecdotal observations).
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I love roadrunners too. Always get a thrill when I catch a glimpse of one darting across the road, sometimes with a small snake or lizard in it's beak. They never seem to stand still long enough for me to get a good look at them. Great pictures!
Craig Dyer
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These are some really great photos Chris. Thanks for sharing these. I have never seen this kind of road runner before.
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that is one cool looking bird. I am always telling my husband for being such a birder I live in the wrong state. every other state has much prettier and cooler birds then here.
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I like them too, but these guys are one of the most brutal bird predators out there.
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