Better way to clean nests out of gourds.

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Thurman Seber~TN
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At least it was better than the way I had done it before. I used Laura's spaghetti dipper, or whatever you call those things about the size of a large tablespoon with things on the end that look like rake teeth. it is really good about hooking that stuff and dragging it right out of the gourd through the cleanout ports. Now you can call ol' Thurman ready for birds to show up. Here are a few helpful hints before you start the job. Don't tell your wife what you intend to do with it if she catches you slipping it out of the kitchen. Then, be sure to run a little water over it before you put it back.. And.. Don't be the first to dip your spaghetti out the next time you have it . Just teasing.. I got her permission beforehand be it ever so feeble permission. She will scald it off good and the martins will never know next year what we use it for... grin.
Thurman Seber, Alexandria, Tennessee
Peggy Riley
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Oh Thurman how funny! It sure is a good idea.
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Great idea!!! And HILARIOUS!!!
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I will think of you everytime I make spaghetti! I can picture 'Ol Thurman trolling through kitchen drawers!

Heads up to what you'll be getting for your next birthday or Christmas. Whichever comes first.


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THAT IS A HOOT. I TOLD MY HUSBAND. WE GOT A GOOD LAUGH FROM THAT. There may be some wives who would be very upset.
You never know. Good Luck with your Gourds.

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Thurman Seber~TN
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Thanks folks. You encourage me more than you can know. I write a weekly article for a local newspaper, and I write it weakly as well.. grin. It is an article called Needmore Days and it is My feeble attempts at Christian humor. I am a Baptist Evangelist and also do some public speaking using humor. I have written a couple of books, with my last one just now back from the printers. So, these kind of stories are another part of my life aside from martins. I often read the posts of others here and wonder what their life is like aside from their purple martins.. But the spaghetti dipper really does work well to remove old nests. grin
Thurman Seber, Alexandria, Tennessee
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