A PURPLE Birthday for me! AND question about spare-o-doors

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The best birthday present just showed up 5 minutes ago! He was checking out my other birthday present...a lonestar gourd rack :grin: Now to get them filled.
Big question...when he was poking his head in and out of the castle, he put his head in the spare o door...I was so afraid the trap lever would come down on his neck! Has anything ever happened like that? This is my first year to use the trap. So far I've trapped 3 HOSP, but I would be sick if a martin got his neck stuck.
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congrats tammy!
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Happy Birthday! I wouldn't worry about the trap door, just make sure he if wiggles in to get him out ASAP. I've only had that happen once in 10 years.

I do think the older spare o doors had holes big enough for starlings!!!

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I suppose it's not impossible, but I've never heard of it happening. I used 5 sparrow doors in town last year, all in houses with martins and didn't have an issue.
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Happy Birthday Tammy,
Glad you have returning birds. We have had scouts stay a few days but our birds are way late! Best wishes for a great season:-. Grow that 3rd year colony girl!
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I also use the spare-o-door traps and they are deadly on sparrows. Not a problem with the martins. Caught a male sparrow today. I love to watch with the binocs when they pop through the hole it puts a smile on my face :grin:
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Happy happy birthday! Congrats on the new system! Best wishes to you.
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martins or starlings cannot get in spar-a-d00r;;hole is too small;;starlings or bigger birds will knckthe lever down sometimes as I have found lever down and nothing in it;;wind will also knock the lever lever down;;jr2
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