Nest competition with natives which species?

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Steve Martin
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Which species of native birds compete with martins for nest within 60 miles of Austin/Bastrop Texas? According to the forums tree swallows and "crested flycatchers" will nest in a martin house. The breading range of tree swallows is nowhere near Bastrop/Austin. I do remember back around '91 in Dallas Texas, I got a few positive IDs on Great Crested Flycatcher (Myiarchus crinitus). But I don't remember seeing any around Austin. The Western Kingbird is common around here, I admit in the last 10 years I haven't been birding the way I use to, I'm not sure that some of those kingbirds were not GCFC. I have seen Western and Eastern Kingbirds in Bastrop County, but from what I've read they only nest on open places.
Louise Chambers
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Bluebirds, carolina chickadees, tufted titmice, wrens (carolina or bewick's) and ash-throated and brown-crested flycatchers - all native cavity nesters that might take a shine to martin housing, but are more likely to try a bluebird style box.

We are further south and don't have all of those, but our bluebird boxes usually attract b-c flycatchers and titmice. Hoping for bluebirds, which are scarce around here. None of them have tried to nest in pm housing, but golden-fronted woodpeckers have drilled out almost every gourd at one location, and nested in a few, alongside the martins.
Matt F.
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Possibly House Finches.
They seem to be becoming more and more common.
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