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Gobbler T
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I think I got one that's steril! :lol:
My female has been nest building for three weeks, and not an egg yet! Is it normal for it to take that long? When she started building the first morning here I thought, this pair is really down to business. Green leaves during the first week (and every day after that) but no laying at all.

Giving her credit, she may be smarter than tha avrage bird, as my Blue bird babies died Thursday at 3 days old. I guess from the cold, there wasn't a mark on them.

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The same thing happened to me last year. A pair stayed for a month. They spent 2 weeks just bulldog a mud dam and never laid eggs.
I hope that doesn't happen for you, its a real bummer. Hopefully they're just waiting on warm weather to stay.
2013, back in the game with a pair at my satelite colony that has eggs due to hatch around July 7th
Peggy Riley
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Tony don't worry! I've got some nests a month old and still empty. Some just lay later. I have had empty nests before and I watched every day to make sure she was still around, she never laid an egg. So I don't doubt some could be infertile.

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Hi Tony,

I have been following your progress with great interest this season! I truly wish you success in starting your colony.

This is my third year trying to start. I have an ASY pair that has been at my site for a month and have been nest building off and on for about a week. I am eagerly awaiting the mother to start laying. This year's weather has been so variable with cold snaps, that it has really slowed them down. They seem to be pretty wise about the weather. This is a very anxious time... :| I feel very blessed to have gotten this far.
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Look at it this way - the longer they take resting, nest building, and just hanging out before laying eggs, the longer they will be with you.

I have a tinge of sadness when my birds' eggs start hatching. I know then that they'll begin leaving in about five weeks.
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Gobbler T
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Thank you all,
At least I know it does happen. Not that I want it to happen THIS year! :lol:
I did observe the yum yum bouncy bouncy going on this morning so maybe she's been waiting on him.

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DebA wrote:LOL!
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