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Don Strickland
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I caught a new bird in my repeating trap this morning.......I think it was a Western Kingbird........I have Eastern Kingbirds here but never a Western one, or at least I have never seen a Western Kingbird.
It was a light brown with lemon colored breast. Some of the pictures I saw show some to be grey and lemon while others are brown and lemon..
Anyone have a guess? ? ?

edited.....had eastern and western backwards originally.
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An Eastern is more brown/black and white underneath. What you describe to me sounds like a western. But then you throw in the Cassin's and Couch Kingbirds and those are hard to tell apart. Couch has a forked tail where the other two don't. I don't know.

But what is really interesting or something I should not admit...I heard my daughter getting up in the living room so I called to her and asked her to bring me my bird book. She did and said, it's pretty bad when it is sitting with the Bible and The Bible has dust all over it and the bird book doesn't. Oops.

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Don Strickland
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oooops, you're right Deb. I got it backwards. I have eastern and I think the one in the trap was western, anyway it was released unharmed but it wouldn't even consider posing so I could get a pix.
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If it was smallish you could check Great-crested Flycatcher but it sounds likeit may be of size for one of the kingbirds. Great-cr.flycatcher does have yellow/ brown and is vaguely similar to western kingbird but smaller.
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Fly catchers do nest in cavities, i don't know about western king birds but eastern do not nest in cavities. Great crested are yellowish on the breast.

Deb a,
I guess you'll have to catch up on the good book during winter time when there aren't so many birds around. Lord knows we have enough winter these days.
2013, back in the game with a pair at my satelite colony that has eggs due to hatch around July 7th
Don Strickland
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Thanks for the replies. Now that I have seen pictures of the Great Crested Flycatcher, I am pretty sure that is what I caught. It did enter a nestbox repeating trap so that just about confirms the ID you guys gave me.
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