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as wheather is turning bad in iowa the next few days, please supplimental feed.
I Scrammble eggs and put them in my feeders, i place some in each room,, they enjoy them.as the wheather is cold, rainy, the insects arnt flying, our temps are in the 40s for highs, the next few days, they need nutrition! I go to my local cafe, and the cook saves me egg shells, , take them home, rinse them, place them on a cookie sheet , place them in the oven 250 degrees, for 30 min. take them and crush them in a bag with a rolling pin til fine., i take two eggs, put them in a glass bowl, with a splash of milk, microwave til fluffy, stir, and redo till fluffy, i mix the egg shells, with the scrambbled eggs, , and place in feeder trays, and sprinkle some in each room,. , i cook more eggs , as needed, but two microwave fast, and i add to them if needed .as they begin to nest, i always offer the eggshells, great calcium they need, thruout the yr, im no expert, but its worked for me. just passing it along.
sincerly, pm
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