She is back for the 8th time!

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Bob Allnock
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This beautiful girl ( T-192 ) is here for the 8th year. She used a compartment in the T-14 for the first four years, then switched to a gourd below the T-14 for the last four years.

I was so glad to see her yesterday sitting on the same gourd that she used last year. She always fledges 6 every year.

We banded her in 2005.
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Bob Allnock Portersville, Pa.
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That is really cool, congrats!
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Ed Pace
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Bob that is really amazing and a great picture too, thanks for posting.

Matt F.
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That is so awesome Bob!
Great photo also!
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That is sooo cool! Thanks for sharing! 8)
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Hanover Bill
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Hi Bob;

That is really amazing Bob. She must be one tough Cookie to have traveled to South America eight years straight, and she still looks great.

Hopefully her offspring will grace us in Western Pa. for years and years to come.

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Are you sure she is not just checking into one of those extended stay hotel chains? She look very good at age 8. :-)

Loved reading that and seeing her picture. Thanks!
Tim Mangan-Kansas
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That is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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Hey Bob , That says a lot for this female , she is having a long and beautiful life ! Thanks for sharing . Have a great season !
April McClelland

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Cool Bob!!

That information is as interesting and exciting as seeing the geo routes in the Update. Now that you have introduced T-192 to us please update us in her progress this year and especially if indeed she has another 6 fledglings with this weird weather start this year. Speaking of that...the way winter hung on seemingly didn't get to her! She is incredible.

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Thank you for sharing such a wonderful photo. Is that a mountain BB or something? She is soooo blue. what a pretty female.
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That is truly amazing that she has survived and traveled such long distances for eight years. I did not think these birds lived that long. I really enjoyed hearing about your female martin and enjoyed seeing the wonderful photo you took of her.

I look forward to hearing future reports about her.

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Yes Bob,

Please do keep us updated! What a gal. I thought I read just the other day here on the forum( or maybe the update) that the life expectancy was 5 to 7 years. So this beautiful looking chick is really a mawmaw like me! I too am curious if she will fledge the magic 6 again his year. Please let us know! So exciting :)
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