Egg preparation?

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How do you all do it?My birds just are not real crazy about them yet,maybe i am doin it wrong. they take them flipped but porchs,tunnels, platform feeder not so much,not near as well as crickets.....Lynn
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why they are not taking them, i dont know. i take eggs, add a splash of milk in a glass bowl,stir them up, microwave till they fluff, stir them again, heat them afew more seconds, and chop them up fine. i take and place them on the porches, my feeder, and sprinkle them in my active rooms, they seem to enjoy them. in the summer i keep the eggs shells, i crush them, fine and place them in a feeder for calcium, in hopes to increase there clutch size. and strenght, no expert here but this has worked for me.
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Our Corpus Christi birds won't touch egg - prefer mealworms and crickets. Now and then one will eat egg, but the majority of them ignore it, and then come the grackles who think it's very tasty.

When we had a colony in Port O Connor, the martins there loved egg, gobbled it down - go figure!

pmcharter, I am leery of adding milk to the eggs, as dairy foods are not something martins normally eat and may not be able to process well. All egg recipes for martins I've seen add a little water for fluffiness in microwave, and for when the martins are feeding nestlings, it's advised to add no water, as droppings will be runnier and that's not good for nest sanitation or their feathers around vent area.
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