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Would thin plastic sheets run thru a shredder work for nesting material? Over the years, I've seen the martins use lots of plastic items........Just a thought.

BTW, I usually use pine straw.......and another post said chop it with a mulching mower......sound good....will try it soon.
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I wouldn't advise using thin shredded plastic - too much risk of birds getting legs or feet caught. If we see something they've brought into a nest that could be harmful, out it comes - they do pick up odd things sometimes. String and pieces of twine, etc, are not safe unless cut into short pieces.
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If I remember correctly, the post that you are referring to was talking about pine needle straw from something other than a white pine. I have several different types of pines and one advantage of white pine straw is the "soft" texture of the needles. Red pine straw is rigid and as sharp as a needle, obviously two traits that would not necessarily be desirable in a martin nest with young. I have found that it is not necessary to modify white pine straw. Others may disagree.

I agree with Louise, stick with natural nest materials.

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