All gone..Record year for me..

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Haven't seen any Martins for the last couple days, which makes me sad :-( . But knowing that it was a record year for me with 88 pair out of 90 cavities, 450 plus nestlings and a very very good fledge rate makes me a happy landlord this year. Lost a few this past few weeks due to the heat, but thankful they were here earlier this year and the majority fledged early. The brand new gourd racks were awesome, best move I ever made as a landlord. The Martins adapted very well. I might have to go back to the Wichita Ks. Roost to see if I can spot any of my birds and see if the recognize me.. :lol: Hope everyone had a successful season. Til nest year..Peace.
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Hey Tony,

Thanks for sharing that good news with us! You almost had a 100% occupancy level. Next season if you add some more housing then you will most likely achieve super colony status with 100 pairs or more.

I still have three pairs of martins left and two should be fledging their young any day know. One pair will probably fledge their babies during the first or second week of August. Several hundred martins visit our two colonies each day.

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Tony, good job on your very successful season. Almost 100% occupancy, that's awsome. Not many people can say that. I've not come close to that. I'm glad your new system worked well for you. Add one more and get into that super colony status. I'm still debating what to do with the trio houses I got from you last winter, put them on a multi pole or maybe give them to the neighbor and get him going in the right direction. Hopefully next year it won't be so dang hot. I'm extremely tired of it. Everything is dead here. No rain.

Even with this weather I had a good season. I had 54 pair that produced fledgings in 90 cavities, so still have room for growth without adding another unit. The bigger my colony gets the more stressful I become. This might be as big as I get and I might even cut back a little. I lost some babies from the heat but also from mr. owl and mr. cooper.

I have 15-20 birds that show up every morning around 6:30 checking out the last two nests and houses. I'm hoping they stick around for awhile because I have one little martin in rehab. Been in rehab a little over a week and doing pretty good says the rehabber, putting some weight on. I would like to release at my place with these martins. I don't know if he needs mom and dad to show him the ropes but plenty of adult birds around to hopefully help. Good luck. Talk at you later.

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Great report Tony!
Congrats on an awesome season!
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Congrats on a super year. That is amazing to have 88 out of 90 cavities occupied. You put a lot of fledglings in the air to help others start a colony.

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NIce job Tony!!
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way to go Tony!!
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Congrats on your record season Tony!
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Well done! Congratulations
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GREAT job, Tony - congratulations! So happy for you! 8)
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Nice job Tony. I also had a great success rate this year.
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