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Tom Teague
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ordering a couple of gourds from the PM Market Place for next spring...thinking about the Troyer gourds...(the one with the long neck). Any body have any thoughts about that gourd.


Emil Pampell-Tx
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I like the Troyer vertical better, its easier to hang, has a long neck with the tunnel, can be vented easier, this gourd is not completely round, its oblong so there is a lot of depth for owl protection, the martins like it, etc. This is one of my favorite gourds.

The martins like the Troyer horizontal with the long neck, but its hard to hang, hard to ventilate, and sweats in certain climates causing it to get wet inside.

These are some of the major points.
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The Martins love the Troyer horizontal. I have both vertical and horizontal Troyers at my site. But, I have added two elbow vents on each gourd because the summer heat last year had lots of nestlings jumping. The heat has not been as bad this year and I haven't had any jumpers. But, unfortunately, it looks like that is about to change around here with temps in high 90's to 100. I am so glad I only have two nests left with nestlings waiting to fledge. Holding my breath until they do.
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