Martin Revenge?

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TS Wilson
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During a nest check last week I discovered a new egg in my 9th cavity for the year. This effectively tripled my pairs from last year! Later that same afternoon I watched as a martin entered that hole. I was watching him with my binoculars trying to get a good look at the new parent. Then to my shock I saw what appeared to be egg contents streaming out the bottom. I immediately lowered the house and sure enough found a broken egg, but not the martin egg I'd observed earlier but a HOSP egg. Not believing I'd left that egg in the house earlier, I examined the ground below and did find the martin egg - broken.

I failed to mention that I'd eliminated a male HOSP in close proximity to that hole after I'd done the late morning nest check. I never saw him enter that hole since I don't let them hang around very long.

I can only assume that the SY male refused to suffer loss without reciprocating by destroying the foreign egg.

The pair moved next door and have laid 3 eggs.
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Martin Colony History: Start 2009 with one pair. Upgraded from S&K houses to two Trendsetter 12's with gourds beneath in 2013. I have experienced job, pet, and parental losses since '13. The Purple Martins lift my spirits and remind me how life continues forward by flying their little selves from Brazil back to my yard. As one forum person once told me, chin up DebA, look at the martins. Danger all around but yet they soar in the sky without a care in the world.

An eye for an eye...
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