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Help!!! Help!!! Someone in Katy Texas area!!!! String on house broke while we were cleaning out the sparrows!!! What to do!!! Call me anyone that can help. ASAP!!! 832-876-5337. 832-876-5337. PleaSE CALL SOON!!!! sATURDAY, 5TH 5:10PM cALL ANYTIME!!!! sOON!
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this happened to me on one of my trios., you can do two things, replace the whole rope, or do the quick fix which i didfor now. im sure your house is down:( take black electrial tape, , over lap the ends only a fourth of an inch!, or little less,. take the tape and cut a 6 inch lenght, when you over lape the two ropes, start in the middle, and keep it tight!!!, it has to be tight enough to go over the pully when it reaches that point.when your going across both strands, it needs to be tight, reminder, it can be no thicker than the oringinal rope to ride the pully if that helps!!
ps, make sure the ropes are paraelle to the pole when done so when you try to raise thehouse the rope is not twisted. good luck!
Louise Chambers
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I called them yesterday and they were working on a fix, should be okay to get through the season.
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