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I notice from your photos that you live in a subdivision with homes spaced fairly near to each other, and that can be a handicap if you play the dawnsong louder than the neighbors will tolerate. Send me your email address and I'll share a way of adapting a power horn speaker so the sound can be directed upward toward the sky and the neighbors probably won't even hear it. Others on this forum have tried it and it works. :wink:
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Check out these phots and tell me what you think. Just added gourds Friday and playin Dawn Song Now
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Hi, Hat. I have a very similar setup and got and followed all the excellent advice above as well. The gourds are what got me my first and so far only pair. I'm thankful and hoping for more. There are many folks here that want to see us newbies succeed! Whether you get your martins this year or not, that in itself is a pretty awesome feeling. :grin: Regarding the photos, I had to set up a Flikr account. It works really well and is easy to do. Most any image hosting site is sufficient. That will enable you to link unlimited photos to your posts here. I played an ipod with the dawn song on an alarm clock with detachable speakers. The alarm part never worked (radio shack) so I ended up playing the dawn song 24/7 wide open for a while. I would play it as loud as the neighbors would allow. :lol: Good luck
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The advice that has been given is great. I am thankful for it and glad I "stumbled" on to the PMCA website. I wish I could just get the chance to see a visitor at my site. I can honestly say I have not seen a martin anywhere near my site yet. I am surprised because of the 250 acre lake less than a quarter of a mile away.

I have one house, 2 gourds, and a 24 hour dawnsong. I can not really think of anything else I can do. Sparrow and Starling trap built/deployed (brads model), and sparrows and starlings have not been able to nest at my site.
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There are several small colonies within 1-2 miles of me, but I waited about four weeks before I saw the first martin even near my housing. In the meantime, I rode around and scoped out the other colonies observing their setups and even asked for permission to watch them if possible. It was encouraging just to see that they in fact had martins. It gave me hope and aids in patience for me.
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2012 First Year 1 SY pair 7 fledged, 2013 1 SY pair 1 ASY pair 4 fledged, 2014 1 SY pair 2 ASY pair 10 fledged

S & K Purple Martin Gourd BO9 is the type of gourd I am using. I want to get the S and K 11 inch diameter, if I get martins then I will purchase the 11 inch ones. However, rural king only carried this type and I did not want to miss out on the chance to get a pair of martins by waiting 1-2 weeks on shipping.

BTW I am not using crescent entrance on my gourds yet. I heard that it is easier to attract martins using the old standard holes, then I will switch to crescent holes next yr. Sound like a good idea.

Occasionally I see a lone HOSP but the last time I saw a starling in my yard was January, and then only for one day.
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Now that you have a photobucket account adding photos is easy. When you hover your mouse over one of your photos there should be a dropdown box with multiple options. One of the options says IMG Code. If you click that option you will see it says "copied". Then once you are typing in a forum you can right click your mouse and hit paste. It will put a link in the box and that will import the photo in and people wont have to click a link to see the picture.
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I just saw my first pair of PM fly about 80 feet over my yard! I hope they come down for a peek. I think they are attracted to the dawnsong I am playing... fingers crossed :shock:
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looks like your doing things the right way, i looked at pictures of your house, unless im not seeing somthing, you are missing a important detail to the house, , and surroundings,( pearches) on the house , perchees attached to the railing with small wire, on each corner is a must. mine are not quite as big as a pencil, but about 2 ft in lenght. also , martins love highline wires close to their houses to perch on, i never seen any in your pics., the pearches are a must, sounds like you have everything else covered. dont be afraid of putting nest matrerils in the houses, i use fresh corn shucks cut in squares, and soft pine needles. i cap the rooms off til i see activity. i also supply them with mud, and egg shells, for nesting and grit.i save egg shells, or get them from a local reastaraunt, rince them, place on cookie sheet, at 200 degrees, to warm them and kill bacteria, and hang small pudding cups from the bottom of my house with small hole in the cups to allow water to drain if if rains,. i take the shells out of the oven, place in a zip lock baggy, crush the with a rolling pin, and place in the cups.good luck to you,
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