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Hello everyone. I am a third generation Purple Martin fan. My grandfather had and my father has had active Purple Martin colonies for years. My father's colonies are not too far from Pittsfield, Illinois "purple martin capital of the world."

Fortunately for him his colonies are located in the perfect setting, wide open country, with an 8 acre pond just yards away.

I just put up my purple martin housing, a 12-room plastic/pvc house on a standard telescoping pole, on March 22, 2012. I have kept it sparrow and starling free since it was up, I have 2 decoys out since last week, and I think I have a fairly decent location. The house itself is at least 30 feet away from the nearest tree or house and there are open flyways of 100 feet plus on 3 sides. There is also a 250 acre lake about 1 mile east of me.

All that sounds great, but I still have not observed a single martin near my house yet? Is there something I am doing wrong, or am I just a little early for the sub-adults. I am so anxious to get a colony started!

Something else I noticed about my neighborhood... there is an abundance of house finches and yellow finches, but hardly any HOSP or Starlings! I can't figure out why.

I will be attaching a photo of the house I put up. Please give me some input.... Does it look like it is in a good location?

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Here is picture of my purple martin house.
My purple martin house
My purple martin house
My Purple Martin House 1.jpg (85.37 KiB) Viewed 1695 times

Another view of my purple martin house.
Another view of my purple martin house.
Another view of my purple martin house.
My Purple Martin House 2.jpg (76.34 KiB) Viewed 1644 times
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This part of the country is loaded with HOSP and starlings so if you don't have problems yet you likely will. Startling resistent entry holes (SREH) will keep most of the starling out. Shooting and or trapping is required for the HOSP.
It is still a little early for subbies but they won't be far off. 30 foot is pretty close depending on how large the tree is and how far away trees are in the other directions. Depending on local populations and other factors it can take years to start a martin colony so don't get discouraged quite yet. Probably the best thing you can do to get your site "noticed" by martins is to get a copy of the dawn song CD. They are sold on this site. If there are martins in your area it will draw them in. If they stay or not depends on how attractive your site is to them. Post some pictures of your housing and your yard so we can see how it looks. There are lots of people on here with a ton of knowledge who will be able to give you advice on your set up.
Good luck and welcome to the PMCA.

You got your pictures up before I got my response typed. Those trees aren't too large and I have definitely seen martin colonies with trees closer. As long as it is in the most open site in your yard that is the best you can do.
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Thanks for the advice flyin. I posted a couple of pictures up. The nearest tree is about a 20 foot tall river Birch. It is about 30 feet away. Other than that there is nothing close by. I have 2 decoys up and I would like to get the DawnSong CD....I just have to figure out an easy and weather proof way to play it....
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I bought a cheap CD player at walmart, and was only playing it when I knew it was nice out. But then some here suggested I just put a trash bag over it. And it works just fine! It doesn't effect the sound at all suprisingly. So now I just have a ugly trash bag covered CD player on my porch haha and I play it rain or shine. But if it is sucessful in getting martins then it will be worth the ugliness!

Looking at your yard, it seems like you have it in the best place you can get it. It doesnt look Ideal, with the closer trees, but it might appeal to some sub adults for sure! I'm sure your close neighbors might think you are nuts when you start playing the dawnsong!

Good Luck! Sounds like you have plenty of info from your family, if they have been landlords in the past!
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Hello hat1978. Welcome to the Forum.

I think your site looks promising. Around here the HOSP and Starlings don't pay any attention to our housing until the Purple Martins show up. Maybe that's what they're waiting for...

Good luck and best wishes for attracting some Purple Martins.
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some have said that house finches help keep the house sparrows away.
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I think your site definitely looks like it would be fine for martins. Here are a few of my suggestions for what its worth...

1. Keep the house, but modify it to a 6 room, 6x12in compartment house and add SREH (starling resistant entrance holes).

2. Get a copy of the dawn song and play it!

3. Hang several gourds beneath the house. In many places of the country, I think gourds are a golden ticket to being able to attract that first pair.

PS...I had that very same house and did the things I listed above, and was able to attract 2 nesting pairs that first year.
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For what it's worth, a recent year SY male Purple Martin scout reported in Edwardsville was May 7, 2011; and that was the first sighting for the year. Most likely several others arrived later than May 7 in your area. Good luck!
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Welcome to the forum Hat, your site looks good.
When the sub adults come in you might get a pair. Try adding a few gourds to improve your chances.
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Welcome Hat and good luck.

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Thank You everyone for the advice and encouragement. I will try and get some gourds and definitely get a dawnsong CD. The trash bag over CD player was a great idea.

My question is how loud should I play it?

It may be hard to tell but on three sides I have 100 feet plus of clearance.

I mentioned earlier I live near a big lake, I noticed a PM landlord that lived on the lake had a couple of PM houses and gourds as well. So, I assume he has an active colony, however I have not noticed any birds there yet. I was thinking about asking him when his colony arrived.

As far as HOSP and Starlings go, there are a TON of them around my area. That is how I got good at shooting my 22 Marlin 39A lever action when I was a child :). As soon as I put up my box I was expecting the onslaught. However, like I mentioned before, I hardly ever see a starling or HOSP in my subdivision, ever! I have a two bird feeders in my yard. I feed thistle and high quality seed. I have several cardinals, chickadees, and multiple finches. I did have one male HOSP try and set up a nest but I religously tore out the nest every day, while waiting on a nest box trap, and I never saw him again. There are HOSP in other neighborhoods everywhere I look, but hardly any here. I am beginning to think a strong finch population does keep HOSP in check. I do plan on building a repeating sparrow trap in addition to my nest box trap....just in case. :wink:
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Hi, Hat, and welcome to the Forum. I can't tell from the pics if your pole is a S&K tri-tel or quad-tel, but if it is you should read the forum topic linked below to save yourself future problems. -- John ... ght=tritel
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I would play the dawn song as loud as possible. Martins fly HIGH up and you want them to hear it. However you have to consider your neighbors, so as loud as you can without distortion and without disturbing the neighborhood!
2nd Year trying to attract martins! Wish me luck!
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Hi Hat - welcome to the forum!

I would also add a snake / predator guard to that pole. :wink:
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I added 2 gourds in an effort to increase my chances of getting a colony started. I ordered the dawnsong CD a week ago and it should be here any day. I hope I can get a pair of SY before it is too late.

Also I can not upload photos for some reason, they are jpg under 500K. Is there some setting i need to change?
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The site looks pretty open, so I think you have a chance to attract martins.

I worry about these plastic houses with small units being too hot, but have not done temp tests. know it will get to 100 degrees or above here in late June and July, and the heat can really take a toll on nestlings. My suggestion is to see if you can attract some martins this year, and consider a small gourd rack next year, and discuss venting gourds with us -- most commercial ones are not vented enough.

I help manage a colony at Cahokia Mounds...18 pairs in a large rack of gourds on the parking lot. check it out sometime.

good luck, and welcome,
John Miller

John, thanks for the advice. I added 2 Gourds yesterday. Unfortunately I cant post a picture on this forum anymore for some odd reason.

I received the dawnsong CD in the mail today. Can I play it in the evening too?
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I've never fully figured out the photo thing... I resize down to below about 80 kb in file size, and that works. but there are instructions in the help section about how to size horizontal and vertical.

also, there is a limit on total we can upload. when you reach it, you'll get a message saying you are at your limit and you must leave the bar, or click on your "profile", while logged in, and go to the "control panel" and delete some older photos to free up space.

Re: dawnsong. You can play it any time. probably more effective through the morning hours because that seems to be when martins house hunt more. When you play it, they may come not because it's "dawn" vocalization, but martins just hear martins and come to investigate. there then is the downside. use the vocalization as a tool, but don't overuse. once martins start visiting, turn it off so martins focus on the house/gourds and not on finding the songster.

John M
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