Airgun- What should I buy? please advise

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Leverett Doehring/Mo
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I have to go with the folks on the Benjamin Marauder and pyramid air, after lots of years with different pellet gun types (including springer and pump ups) I bought the marauder and air pump. zeroed in at 50 YARDS with an 8 to 24 power Leapers scope, I am impressed with the results, the weak link is me the shooter. Also I THINK pyramid air will guarantee or you can change to some other rifle type.
Peter C
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Thank you for all the feedback and advice. It is all helpful and informative! Peter

Don Strickland wrote:Gobbler,
Better be cafeful putting an expensive rifle scope on a pellet gun. I've been told a pellet gun will wreck a rifle scope. Something about the recoil is backwards to a rifle and a rifle scope isn't built to withstand the backward recoil.
I can't hit anything with my pellet gun either, so I use my 10/22.
You're right about that. Leapers scopes are the best bang for the buck for air rifles. Bushnell scopes are reportedly all air rifle rated as well, and you can pick them up in pawn shops sometimes. If the air rifle is a spring piston rifle, you right- they can kill a scope. If the air rifle is a pump-type, you can use any type of scope, because they don't recoil in the same manner.

Peter C wrote:I've never owned an airgun, but want to purchase one for control of sparrows and starlings.
Any advice as to what model to buy would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
What distance are you shooting, and what is your price range?
James Strickland FL
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:grin: Beeman R7 .177 is by far the best. It is on target everytime. It comes with great scope and it only took about 10 round to site it in. They say it get better as you shoot it. It cost but it is really worth the money. I have a winchester and the scope was bad and it really never shoot right.
Dolphins Fan
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I 100% agree with everyone on the Benjamin Marauder. I just got mine a few days ago from Pyramydair with a Leapers 3-12x44 Swat accushot scope and I have never seen a more accurate pellet gun. Mine is in .22 cal and I am getting less than dime size groups @ 30 yards! I would feel very confident killing a starling at 50 yards with this puppy. This gun has a lot of power and is very quiet plus it has a 10 round clip. They even sell it in .25 cal and that would just devastate! Only thing is as others have said it is expensive. With the gun, pump, scope, rings and ammo I ended up spending over $900 but I got the $300 Hill pump cause it's a lot better than other pumps. Bottom line if you have that kind of cash I would buy a Marauder without hesitation. Ohhh and like others have said there is no learning curve with this gun as it has no recoil and isn't hold sensitive like spring guns.
Don Strickland
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I read some impressive reviews on the Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper IGT .177. I ordered one and am hoping it will do well with Sparrows and Starlings. My 10/22 is just too loud and I'm afraid I may scare away my new arrivals.
Mitch Booth
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The Marauder is an unbelievable gun to say the least. With the gun sitting in an adjustable rifle rest I can consistenly shoot dime size groups at 50 yards. It makes a world of difference when you can consistently pick off pest from 5 yards to 60 yards away. You do not feel so bad when you do have a miss and realize it's shooter error. It gets very frustrating when you spend 250 - 400 dollars on a spring or piston charged gun and then realize you can't consistently kill pests. I'm so accurate with my .22 caliber that I can choose my aim point without fear of damaging my aluminum PM house. The Marauder is one of the most affordable when it comes to PCP guns.

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Dolphins Fan
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Indeed Mitch indeed! I had an RWS model 48 that I sold to get the Marauder and don't get me wrong it was a very accurate gun BUT it was very hold sensitive because it was a spring gun. I could not rest the gun on anything but my hand and I could not grip the gun too hard or it would throw off the accuracy. I'm sorry but I want a gun that I don't have to worry about how I hold it and what it's sitting on. It constantly put my in a tough position because I could never rest the gun on anything. Not long after I got it all the screws on the gun and scope came loose because of the recoil.

With the Marauder you don't have to worry about recoil or how you hold it or what its resting on. It has a great trigger as well I might add. The only reason anyone would buy a $800-$1,500 PCP gun is for looks because I really cannot see how they could be more accurate than the Marauder at least not enough to justify spending that kind of money. I'll admit I've seen way better stocks and bluing on barrels but I really don't care about that stuff I care about accuracy.

I pump mine to the factory setting of 2,500psi and have not messed with increasing the power because it has a TON of power the way it is why would I want more and mess up the accuracy? When I was sighting in the pellets were going through the thick board I put my targets on and proceeded to go through the shed the board was leaning on and finally stopped in the back wall of the shed and this was at 30 yards!

Today I shot a male house sparrow that was poking out the hole of a Flicker box I have. He thought he was safe 35 yards away but boy was he wrong! Not only did I kill him but if he had 9 lives he would have spent them all! It put a huge hole right under his wing and went completely through him and hit the back of the Flicker box almost going completely through the 3/4'' wood of the box.

Like I said before if you have the money pull the trigger thats all that needs to be said.
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NJdevils is so right about hold sesitivity with spring rifles.

I had to completely resight my scope when I swiched to shooting HS out of my rear window while laying down, propping the rifle out of the corner, and holding the rifle in a new grip. Man that is frustrating because I know I'm limited to that position for accuracy at the moment.

Keep in mind,.. the Maruader has a little brother called the Discovery. it is also very accurate, but not as quiet. Easier to pump by hand (requires less overall pressure) too. The Discovery costs a lot less. For 25 to 30 yard shots it will also be a great weapon.
RC Moser
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IMO recommendations are hard when no price range or target conditions and surroundings are given.

For the recommendation I think when air rifle advice is given or wanted the price out the door should be included in your recommendations. So most don't have sticker shock or buyer's remorse.

Any air rifle that cost over $700 or more out the door better be and excellent rifle. Cause the reason most can't hit anything has nothing to do with the rifle. It is how the gun is set-up and sited in and of course if the person can shoot.

anybody that can shoot can take the 39 dollar wally world special and hit sparrows at 60 feet with open sites (for us with old tired eyes we need the scopes). IMO no need for close shooting for the pellet to travel over 600-800 fps. For me I don't want so powerful gun that it will go right through the target through the plastic or metal house killing anything in the house and out the other side to who knows where.

Any air rifle that can kill anything at 100 yards is as dangerous as .22 cal. rifle. My not have the bullet weight but it will still penetrate human body. something to think about when wanting air rifle advise.
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Martin Colony History: 2010-2014 located in Slidell LA. Gourd rack with 16 gourds. Max of 2 pairs during this short period in Slidell. Plenty of fledglings.

2014-present.. moved to Broussard LA. Same Gourd Rack but added a 6 room house (modified from a 12 room)

2020: after a long drought of nothing, 4 pairs and 4 nests, 23 eggs total (May2020)

RC I agree... but when i read no reference to price range, I assume there is none. :)

Heck, let's talk cheap. A Remington Airmaster is about 75 bucks and will shoot good to about 60 feet. You don't have to have a scope , but if you do want one, it comes with a cheap one.
RC Moser
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Not say that quality rifles are not worth it, but most won't pay the price for illuminating the gun in the equation and then finding out they still can't hit e. sparrow at 65 feet.

That air master is crosman model 2100 which you can find as cheap as 49 bucks and sometimes cheaper if you take the Remington name out of it.Starling should be no problems as big as they are.

I 've had model 2100's and 2200's and I agree they will shoot as straight as any gun up to 60 feet then they start dropping off and wind effects pellet due to the pellet slowing down to probably 450 FPS..
Sandy - NC
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Despite what some of you have said, not all spring guns are hold sensitive. The Beeman R-7 is not the least bit hold sensitive, and neither is the R-9.

Many people get hung up on speed which is why Gamo advertises such high speeds. Not only is there no need for that kind of speed, but the more speed, the more inaccurate because the pellet starts to tumble. 650 to 900 fps is all that is needed. Accuracy and repeatability is far more important that speed.

The biggest mistake made with any airgun is that people do a lot of research of what gun to buy, then use whatever pellet they can get locally. Wrong!!!! You need to experiment with different pellets to find out what pellet your gun wants. When you find the pellet that your gun wants to be fed, you will be more accurate, and you should buy as many tins of that pellet as you can afford. Many online companies sell pellet samplers and if you haven't gotten one and shot at least ten shots of each kind of pellet at a target to see what kind of groups and how tight they are, then you are basically wasting your time. Also, just because one particular rifle likes one kind of pellet, that does not mean that the same kind of gun will like the same pellet.
Don't ever, ever give up. It will happen.
RC Moser
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Gammo get's those FPS from lighter steel pellets that cost 20 times more than lead pellets. I agree no need for that speed in small bore pellet gun. 25 to 50 cal. rifles has close to that and course more weight, but they use them for big game hunting fully capable of killing wild bores, coyotes ect. and punching hole is 2 by 6 lumber. I think one guy kill black bear with one?? can't remember the article I read few years ago when they first come on the market in mass production.
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