First PM showed up during the Saints Game

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Conrad Baker
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There I was watching the Saints/49ers game at about 5:30 pm, when I happened to glance outside at my S&K house that I put up Monday. I saw a bird on the bottom floor of the house. I had the entrances closed to prevent any Hosp or Starling interlopers. I got my binoculars, and saw that it was a ASY PM !! I went outside, and lowered the house to remove the entrance covers. I raised the house back up, all the time the Martin was circling overhead, waiting for me to go back inside. He was probably as cold as I was, but at least he had a warm dry place to spend the night.
The Saints ended up losing, but at least I have my Martins coming back home ! :grin:
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Glad you posted this... saw the report on the scout page and wondered about the details.

I'm in Slidell. I have my gourds up right now. I have a feeling Sunday or Monday I may see some. It's just so cold for them right now. We quite a few cold mornings to go till March.

My new AAA gourd rack will be up tomorrow night .
One was reported in Breaux Bridge too.
Keep us posted in your little guy.
Tim Stover
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congrats hope you have a great season
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Peggy Riley
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Good for you! Keep him warm!

Sandy - NC
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It sounds like you had a good and bad day. Go Pack Go!!!!!!!!!!
Don't ever, ever give up. It will happen.
Dave Reynolds
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Conrad --

While the Saints were losing, it was a sign of better times ahead :lol: .

Congratulations on you Martins arriving, Keep them warm if you can.

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Conrad Baker
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You're right Dave, as far as the Saints go, it's "Maybe next year", but for the PM, it's "right here- right now" !
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Great! Waiting here in Baton Rouge............

Arrival would keep my mind off the Saints and migraine I've had since the LSU game.
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