Steve Kroenke Colony Hit With Tornado

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Oh my Goodness, sorry to hear that, only 5 racks untouched, I guess he would have had some eggs by now.
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So sorry to hear of Steve's and Bob's misfortune....glad you are all ok..stay strong my Martin friends..
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Thats really a bummer to say the least,glad of course Steve & Bob got thru it okay.

You know this was going to happen sometime some place with the widespread membership we have lets hope that is the last of it,

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This is terrible, the storms have been terrible. My prayers to Steve and Bob and their families and martins. Let us know what we can do to help him rebuild.

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any report on his neighbor? Is he Ok too? didn't he have a fairly large martin site too? was there any damage to it?
wow, that is really sad to hear.
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I really hate to hear that this happened.
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So sorry to hear this about Steve and his birds. I too am shocked this doesn't happen more often. Is there anyone here that lives close enough to lend a hand?

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Prayers and let us know if there's anything we can do.

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upsetting news. my stomach has sunk. praying for the best.
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Wow, I've very sorry to hear that. I hope he is able to fix all the damage done to is property quickly. I'm glad he is ok.

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As long as Steve and Bob are both okay, that is the main thing.

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Has anyone heard about the other lady in Shreveport - (is her name 'Ursula'?) that also has a large super colony? Maybe Steve and Bob's birds can take up residence there until he's restored his housing. Knowing Steve, he's working on getting his colony site back up before he gets his own house repaired. :-(

From Steve's last update:
I probably have between 250 and 275 pairs of martins and my neighbor, Bob has well over 125 pairs.
That's a lot of martins to have in those systems that went down. :-(
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Prayers to all, I can't image going outside to assess the damage and seeing the racks gone. As long as family is safe all else can be rebuilt. Please keep us updated on news on them. Thanks for heads up.
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Sorry to hear that this happened, and glad that some of the poles are still up, that should keep some of them there.

Also, Steve, I hope that your house is not too heavily damaged..
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It can happen just that quick to anyone here.
All you can do is prepare the best you can but when Mother Nature goes on a tear, we are at her mercy.

Thoughts and prayers for Steve and everyone and everything in the area.
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I know you must be devastated by the losses at your colony, but I am so very glad you are alright. Please let us know if there is any way we can help you rebuild.

I participate in Project Martin Watch!
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Thinking of you, Steve, and so sorry this has happened!!
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Perhaps once Scott has visited and found out what would help the most, they will let us know, so folks with extra housing can donate that, if they live close enough. I know some folks are heading that way today to help out, and this first day, there will be martins trapped in gourds and such to rescue. It will take time to go through and assess damaged systems and get live birds out - then get systems up where possible.
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:-( This not the kind of news I was looking to see this morning. Let Steve know thatif there is anything I can do to help by buy some new housing and getting it mailed to him.
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