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Connie Clark
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Joined: Thu Nov 13, 2003 7:28 pm
Location: KS/Wichita

Are your adult birds late this year? I only have half of my birds so far.
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Hi Connie, i'm from Wichita also.....been a strange spring weather wise so far. i can't really help much on late arrival comments. last year was my first year to become a landlord, and didn't get a ASY pair til about this time. a pair showed up this year on April 10th, but their behavior has been odd...hung around 4-5 days, checking out cavities (day and night) and since then i only see them occasionally. hopefully if/when this weather straightens up, i will so more of this pair, and hopefully will land some SY birds soon also.

how many martins do you have, how many did you have this time last year? Rick
2005-2008 lookies
2009...lookies, and a SYM hanging around a bunch
2010...an ASY pair! 5 eggs, 5 babies fledged! yehawwwwwwwwww
2011....still only one nesting pair..extreme heat killed the babies
2012..ASY pair...fledged 4 babies!
2013 notta, few lookie lous
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Connie.......I am in the NE part of Kansas. I got my first martins back about 8 days earlier than ever. There was a normal flow of one or two each day until that cold spell and then the migration stalled. After that they *poured* in and I have more back this time of year than last and am almost completely full. I offer 42 gourds/compartments.
Connie Clark
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Joined: Thu Nov 13, 2003 7:28 pm
Location: KS/Wichita

My colony isn't very large. I had 6 adults pairs last year. So far I have 4 pairs. I live in NE Wichita.
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Martin Colony History: Start 2009 with one pair. Upgraded from S&K houses to two Trendsetter 12's with gourds beneath in 2013. I have experienced job, pet, and parental losses since '13. The Purple Martins lift my spirits and remind me how life continues forward by flying their little selves from Brazil back to my yard. As one forum person once told me, chin up DebA, look at the martins. Danger all around but yet they soar in the sky without a care in the world.

I live in Pratt county, about an hour west of the west edge of Wichita. This is our third year as landlords. The first year my husband threw up an old house that was falling apart that a friend gave us. He put it on a fixed pole. We knew nothing. But we fledged two babies. Then I found this site and made a lot of changes.

Last year I had two pair, one ASY and one SY pairs. Each fledged three. This year my first ASY pair showed up on April 2nd. By April 10th I had two more ASY pairs. I've not seen any subbies yet...well earlier in the week it seemed as if I had bird #7, no 8, so maybe there is one more.

Mine seem slow to build their nests this year. They have their chosen compartments (I have two S&K SREH houses that I converted to twelve 6x12 compartments total). Other than that they are active and I am over joyed. I manage a medical practice and have found myself going in later to work due to my martin gazing. Everyone on this forum understands that. Even though I love my job it is hard to pull myself away.

Last August I read in our local paper an article about martins gathering at the Via Christi St. Frances campus prior to migrating south. It described thousands of birds. I am hoping to time that right this year and go find this.

My Adults were 6 days earlier this year then filed in shortly after things warmed up. They seem to be on time nest building wise and didn't get my first eggs till 4/24 last year and that was an outlier.
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Martin Colony History: 22 year landlord, 14 at current residence..offering 9 racks and a homemade T-8 for 166 total cavities. 160 Pair in 2018 Racks consist of a Deluxe 12, AAA 16, Starburst 16, 2 K-18 Series, Super 24, 2 Gemini, Multi-purpose/two trio’s/4gourds and a T-8..Great hobby to be involved in..

Hey Connie, my first birds were 11 days early (March 20) than last year. I had to supplement feed for the first time ever ((15 yrs). I had 49 pair last year and i'm up to around 60 birds right now, kinda hard to count. I offer 70 cavities. They are busy building their nest. I expect to be about the same as last year depending on the SY migration. Could be more. Good luck to you this year. Tony.
22 year landlord..9 Rack Systems for 2018 and my home built T-8 for a total of 166 cavities..160 pair in 2018 ..SUPER COLONY!!! Love You Bev... Fan of those St. Louis Cardinals!!!!!
Connie Clark
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Joined: Thu Nov 13, 2003 7:28 pm
Location: KS/Wichita

Thank you for everyone's information. This is my 11th year and I worry that I will be martinless some day. I seldom get subadults at my colony each year to keep it thriving. My purple martin house is surrounding by neighbors' houses so it is not as open. I'm grateful for any birds that do return.
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