Finally Using the B&B

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Oh my goodness.........I thought this was going to take FOREVER!! They just didn't seem to be getting it but desperation wins out in the end. I received my 2000 more crickets as I just flew through the 1000 I had. I have scrambled over 4 dozen eggs and most of this has been flipped. We were *supposed* to get to 56 today (yeah right) was 40 cloudy and rainy. They ONLY seemed to finally get it this afternoon and now they are all over the B&B scarfing down crickets and eggs. Need I say I am happy?!? Whew........
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Good job Dawn. Should make it easier huh!
Linda Reynolds
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Dawn, the fact that they have now acclimated themselves to using the B&B is a great achievement on your part. Your dedictation and persistance has paid off. CONGRATULATIONS!

You now have an active tool in your colony on which you can rely.

Perhaps not all of your martins will use it this season, but if you keep the drill active at the beginning of each season, you will always have teachers in your crowd.

Congratulations to you upon your success, but also for your perserverence and dedication to saving the martins that you can...........
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Ah Dawn congratulations! That just made your life SO much easier and a lot less stress on your mind. Nice job!

It must be really cold in your area as I don't see any new martin activity for several days now on the scout report. Hang in there. It seems the weather has to be warming up soon.

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Thanks so much everyone! It is quite a relief. Not that I couldn't flip but now it will be easier and take less energy on their part to get some supplemental food. The feeling I got seeing them *get it* was like that first flipped cricket that was taken............priceless!! Thanks all!!

Dawn :)
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Congratulations. Glad to hear all your persistence finally paid off.
John Barrow
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Congratulations Dawn,

This is a well earned step for you, and significnat step up for your colony. You are one of USA mid-section's finest landlords. This achievement could not happen at a better colony. Can't wait to hear how your colony's growth continues. Thanks for your tireless efforts. :grin: :grin: :wink:

Best always,
Friend in Texas

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BIG HAND CLAP!! Congratulations, Dawn! You must have been exhausted, trying to keep up with all the multiple feedings every day. You and your martins so deserve a well-earned break. Are you tired of scrambling eggs yet? :lol:

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I think you KNOW I am sick of scrambling eggs...... :lol: :lol:

Let me tell you what a great feeling it was after so many days to walk out there this morning and just put food in the trays and walk away. When I stepped away and they flew over to start eating the reward was so worth it. They are all chirping away just wishing that sun to make an appearance!!

Thanks, Kathy!!
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Thanks to everyone for their comments and congratulations. The birds are the big winners here. I will reinforce the B&B and they will know to use it for their needs.

John, thanks so much for you nice comments.........all that are willing to learn have so many to learn from and YOU are no exception. I appreciate all the advice from everyone and determination sure goes a long way!! :)

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