Make old house into sparrow trap

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I just ordered 2 sreh traps to put in the too small of house I built last year. I plan to mount it about six feet off the ground on the old 4x4 post. Will the martins stay away from it, being that its too low to the ground? Can I make a hole too small for a martin to enter, if so what size does the hole need to be? I am determined to keep the sparrows out of the T14 so my hopefully, new colony will be safe.
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I have had a martin investigate my blue bird house which was around 5 feet off the ground and since you live in the south I bet the pms would go there easily
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I just need to drill a hole small enough for a sparrow to fit through. I will redo the entrnces to the old house.
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Martins will investigate a house that is close to the ground. The best thing to do as metioned above is to make the entry hole smaller then a standard SREH entrance. That is the best way to insure that they don't get trapped.
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I'm no great expert, but I share the same problem with sparrows. It is my thinking that the traps do not have to be all that close to the martins. I am setting a bird house with a trap door about forty feet away from the martins, nearer to some trees and a shed. That location is more attractive to sparrows and less to martins.

If it isn't too much trouble to move the post you might want to try something of that sort.

I also have a wire cage trap that was pretty successful last year. I located it right under the martin house and baited it with seed containing lots of corn.
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Martins definitely will consider nesting sites lower to the ground. One year we had two martin pairs in shepherd hooks which were situated below and between our gourd racks. ..... the website of the Ontario Purple Martin Association, in SW Ontario, Can

You can put the traps near some bushes or trees.
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In my experience with martins, bluebird and wrens I found that a sparrow can enter a hole as small as 1 1/8 inches. I have used sparrow doors on my trio house for many years and have never had a martin enter the trapping compartment. Hope this info helps.
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It does help. So 1 1/8 it is. Thanks alot.
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